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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
11:48 pm
It's been quite a while, hasn't it?

I ran into Yukina while grocery shopping the other day. I was really glad to see her, as I haven't really made it up to the temple lately. We shopped together and I promised to come to the temple at some point. I'm off Saturday, so maybe then.

Kazu's been quiet lately. It's a little odd, but maybe--just maybe--he's growing up. Kinda scary though, huh?

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
5:47 am
Hey, Hinageshi, Bossman said that you should bring the kittens around on Friday. That way he'll have the weekend to quarantine them and check them up before he puts them in with the others. Maybe you could come by around noon and we could get some lunch when I go on my break?

Bah. It's too early in the morning. And wouldn't you know, it's freaking cold out. Watch, I'll walk to work in my jacket, and then this afternoon it'll be too hot to wear it. Too bad Shishi and Touya are in the Makai. I'd bet Touya would enjoy the morning weather. I hope they've tracked down Jin, anyway.

Better get ready for work. Gotta be there in a few hours.

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Friday, April 15th, 2005
11:55 pm
I'm a little worried.

Jin went missing a while back, soon after Chuu mentioned he might make Jin come to the Makai with him. Shishi and, I think, Touya went after them, but we haven't heard anything since.

Of course, I doubt there's much access to the internet in the Makai, but I hope they're doing okay.

Other than that, life's rather normal. I haven't heard from anyone since Rinku came here during his running-away stint. Work's been boring, but it pays well.

Hinageshi, if you need to get rid of those kittens, I can talk to my boss to see if he needs or wants to sell them. They go to good homes.

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
8:28 pm
*private entry*

It's been a while since I've posted here. Hell, it's been a while since I've touched the computer. Looks like I'm in good company as far as that goes, since only Hiei's been updating, and he only just did it yesterday.

Before today, I hadn't seen anyone in months. Partly because I've been too busy, and partly because I haven't exactly looked to hang out with anyone. I think this is the first year in a long time that we didn't have some sort of holiday get-together, which is kind of depressing.

But I happened upon Chuu drinking in a sake stand today. He didn't remember me, which isn't really surprising. I talked to him a little, and he's apparently really worried about Jin. He said that Jin's a kid, and that he's being overworked. I haven't seen Jin in forever, not since I made him come over for a movie and he fell asleep watching it.

I think Chuu's right, but I don't think he's going for the right solution. He said something about going back to Makai and dragging Jin with him. I don't really think that will work very well...

Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the ramen shop after work for dinner or something...

current mood: worried
Saturday, October 30th, 2004
8:52 pm
Things have been really quiet lately. It's almost Halloween again already. I think about last Halloween and all the excitement and I wish that kind of thing was still happening. And then I remember that it also caused a lot of needless stress and I'm kind of glad it isn't still happening.

But I wish something was happening. I haven't really talked to anyone in a long time. I feel like I'm getting old, and I'm only in my 20s.

Maybe I should ask Botan if she wants to hang out tomorrow. Not necessarily for a party, but maybe to watch some silly Halloween movies or something...

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Sunday, September 5th, 2004
8:50 pm
Is Hinageshi going to school, too? From what everyone's saying, it sounds like it.

Congrats to Ayame on the job. Just be careful when you substitute teach, since kids tend to play pranks on subs.

Things have been rather quiet lately. It's nice.

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
7:38 pm
Well, things are still somewhat uneventful, which is good.

Well, besides the argument between Rinku and Suzuki. Suzuki won, so Rinku's going to school. He's not too happy about that, but he'll be okay once school starts. It'll just take a week or so.

But I'm getting him a gaming system so he'll go somewhat willingly.

It appears he's determined to get Hinageshi to go to school with him. Personally, I think that's rather adorable, though she'd probably be in high school, at least.

Anyway, it's my turn to cook tonight, so I'm going to get cracking.

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
9:59 pm
Work, work, and more work. Oh, well. At least it keeps me busy, right?

Been training with Genkai every so often. It's going pretty well. I don't know that it'll be of much use, but...

Touya's back, though, which is good. We were kind of worried for a bit. But, then, he's perfectly capable of taking care of himself, so there wasn't really a reason to worry.

I gave in to the trend and bought myself a gaming system with all this extra money I have now. I got it used, so it was really cheap. Maybe Jin or Hinageshi can come over and teach me how to play some of these games. ^^; That's assuming Kazu doesn't steal it, of course.

Anyway, I have work early tomorrow, so I should go do my ki exercises before bed.

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
5:56 pm

Someone pointed this out to me... Odd.

Your LJ Soap Opera
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New - How do you get a guy to like you?

Anyway, things are still boring. Shishi mentioned that he was going to a tournament in Kyoto a while back. Jin's working all the time. I've gone once to Genkai's for ki training, and apparently Kurama's feeling better. I haven't seen him, but Yukina was very cheerful about it.

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Friday, June 25th, 2004
1:40 am
I'm thinking that since things have kind of... calmed down at the temple... I'll go see if Genkai is still willing to train me. I've been keeping up on practicing and meditating.

Probably tomorrow, since I'm off.

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
4:55 pm
I've been so lazy lately. I haven't done much but work, but there's not much to be done. Everyone's always busy or gone.

Work's still fine. A little boring, but I guess that's what "normal" is. You know, without demons kidnapping people and trying to take over the world.

I think I'm going to go visit Botan at some point. Maybe we can have a movie night or something.

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
11:59 pm
Yesterday I went to the ramen shop for lunch. ^^ Jin cooked me sukiyaki. He's gotten really good at that. It was delicious. I might make going there for lunch a habbit.

While I was eating, we chatted a bit. He seems a bit... well, lonely, I guess. He said he paid bills and was keeping the apartment up so Shishi wouldn't be annoyed, but he didn't seem happy. It was just odd...

Anyway, I invited him over for movies last night. Ordered pizza and had popcorn and stuff. I rented Beetlejuice for the movie, which is kind of gross, but rather funny, especially if you think of it in terms of Reikai. When Kazu found out what it was, he decided to go visit Yukina again. ^^; Wuss.

Pizza was good. Mmm... Mushrooms. And Eikichi was glad to see Jin again.

But just when the movie was getting good, Jin fell asleep. I figured I'd just let him sleep, but when I got up for work, he was gone...

I really think he's working too much. Where the heck are Touya and Shishi, anyway? I figured they'd be back by now...

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
11:53 pm
Everyone's been rather quiet lately. Including me.

Ah, well. Maybe it's for the best.

Everyone's still alive, yes?

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Monday, April 26th, 2004
8:18 pm
I haven't updated this thing in a while, but it looks like I'm not the only one. That's kind of reassuring.

Work's actually been going very well. Wow, I actually have a normal job. Reikai has frozen over.

Juri's still staying here. She's a huge help around the house, and things are going pretty well. Kazu's home a lot, too. There haven't been many visitors, though I think Rinku might come over eventually. If he's not still afraid of Shishi. I haven't seen anyone else in a while....

I heard that Kurama woke. I haven't been to visit and... well, I honestly doubt I'm going to visit.

Instead of visiting the temple I've been working on improving my mental shields on my own. I can hold my own, for the most part, now, and I think I'm doing okay. Emotional crowds are still a bit of a problem, but I think I'm getting better with them. Strength doesn't really matter as far as my ki goes. All I really need is mental shielding so I can function. It's not like I'm going to learn to fight.

Better go. Cooking lasagna.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
5:37 pm
Drama is so tiring...

Work went well today. The new shipment of kittens came in yesterday, and they're adorable. It was a bit tiring because it was a little chaotic. I think the neighborhood kids know when the shipments are going to come in, because I swear they all came and were looking at the new kittens. @.@ Apparently it's normal, though.

When I got home Koenma wanted to talk about something... Guys, I'm not a psychologist. Really. If I were, goodness knows I wouldn't be as fucked up as I am. I don't mind helping, but seriously...

Anyway, work was busy again today and I think I'm going to take a nap.

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Sunday, April 4th, 2004
2:37 pm
I've been pretty busy working and such lately.

Jin and Rinku came over on April Fools Day to play pranks. They didn't get me, but they got Juri and Hinageshi. They also got Kazu, but I left before they did. He tends to overreact to stuff like that. High emotions and such. I didn't really feel like dealing with that, though I would've liked to see them do that prank. He made the mistake of taking a nap on April Fools Day. After living with me for his entire life you'd think he'd know better.

I've been working on my ki exercises here since I haven't gone to the temple. Mostly working on strengthening my mental shields, and I think it's going pretty well. Not terrific, but okay.

It sucks that one thing knocked me so far back.

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Saturday, March 27th, 2004
5:31 pm
My boss told me to go home early yesterday. He said I looked ill. I stopped and had something to eat at the ramen shop. Jin cooked me sukiyakidon, and it was really good. Then I came home and slept. I've been napping for most of the day.

I'm okay. Just tired.

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Thursday, March 25th, 2004
1:03 am
*private entry*

Juri showed up soon after midnight tonight. Not too long ago, really. She's really upset. Apparently, Suzuki kissed her during their last fight, and that's why she disappeared. I talked to her, and we figured out that Suzuki probably has a crush on her and doesn't know how to say so. She's really confused. Just a big mass of emotions. It's exhausting, but I offered to let her stay here. Where else would she go?

I called the temple to let Shishi know, since the others were worried and I figured I could trust him to talk to Suzuki or something. Now I wish I hadn't bothered. It's mean to say that, but... I asked him not to tell Suzuki where Juri is, and he pretty much refused. So I asked him to tell Suzuki not to come here. I don't have the energy to deal with two emotionally-erratic people. I just don't.

What does he say? That I'm inviting this kind of thing. Oh, lovely. So I'm supposed to tell a friend that, I'm sorry, I can't deal with you right now because I'm a freaking idiot, so you're going to have to go out there without any support and deal with this on your own. I'm not going to do that. I'll help her figure out a way to talk to Suzuki as soon as she's ready to deal with it, but I'm not going to kick her out. She might go back to the Makai for good if I did that, and then what?

Who else would be left? Botan's not exactly all there. Not after what happened to her... and I can't do anything to help her. It's like... like she doesn't want help... And she's not Botan anymore... And there's Jin, but he's... well... Jin. Shishi doesn't understand. He just doesn't. Botan did... but she's not really there anymore. Who else is there...?

So, yeah, maybe I am "inviting" this, but what else is there? Going back to smoking two packs a day to deal with it? Wow, then I'm incapable of dealing with things, like I apparently am already. After all, I can't make decent decisions, can I? I'm, dare I say it, a WOMAN.

I'm getting really sick of this whole thing. Unless Shishi wants to deal with this whole damned thing--and I seriously doubt he's capable of doing so without losing his temper--there's no other fucking choice. I just wish he'd quit treating me like a child, because it's really hard to respect him and consider him a friend when he does.

Thank GOD the washer just buzzed. I can throw Juri's work uniform in the dryer and go to BED.

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
8:46 pm
*private entry*

I'm not really sure why Shishi is so upset with Rinku. I mean, he's only a kid, and kids do stuff like that TO get a rise out of people. They're like mini-psychologists. But, then, Shishi's never babysat, I don't think...

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8:25 pm
I saw Jin in the park on my way home from work, and so he came over and we made homemade pizza--which is actually rather tasty. It was fun to make. I half expected Rinku to stop by for dinner again, but he's apparently hiding from Shishi right now. Kids.

I really hope Juri's okay. No one's seen her and I'm really getting worried... I hope she's okay, wherever she is.

I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight. It was a busy day in the pet store. More customers than usual.

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